Made in USA

Made in USA

Maddox Defense’s USA comitment

At Maddox Defense we are comitted to USA tactical and military equipment manufacturing providing top-quality products and providing jobs here in America. Patriotism and military is in our DNA and shows in every product we create. We proudly maintain our production facilities all within the United States of America. Our Southern California manufacturing facilities produce the best USA made tactical gear in the industry! This also makes all of our tactical and military equipment available for easy procurement through TLS Special Operations Equipment (SOE) Prime Vendor Program, TLS Fire and Emergency (FES) Prime Vendor Program, DOD EMALL, GSA, and other government contracting vehicles.

Metal Manufacturing

The Maddox Defense metal shop located in San Diego, California has vertical integration to build USA made tactical metal products from the ground up. Our in house cutting, machining and welding capabilities allow for easy design alterations and modifications for individual customers.

From automated to hand cutting and welding we can cover any job. With in stock aluminium, steel, AR500 and hardware our manufacturing capabilities are vast. Our manufacturing facilities can proudly provide USA made tactical gear such as steel tactical and military targets, racking, rails, weapons cases, etc.

FLOW Waterjet Cutting System, MODEL I-6012 Integrated Flying Bridge, 6 FT X 12FT Table up to 6″ Cutting Thickness and 12′ size. We have capabiities to cut Aluminium, AR500 Steel, etc. Our Welding and machine shop run 24/7 in order to assure we maintain excellent control. 

RF Welding

Radio Frequency welding which is energy that is created by the RF equipment to weld specific types of thermoplastics. RF excites the molecular structure of the material causing it to heat very rapidly. Once heated, an RF die forced into the material by a press, determines the final shape and characteristics of the finished sealed product. RF welding is also known as RF sealing, radio frequency welding, dielectric bonding, dielectric interface, dielectric sealing, dielectric welding, dielectric heat sealing, dielectric interface, electronic heat sealing, high frequency welding, high frequency sealing, HF sealing, HF welding, induction heating, bar sealing, blister sealing, blister welding, clam shell sealing, custom RF welding, custom RF sealing, electronic heat sealing, industrial sealing, industrial welding, low dielectric welding, medical radio frequency sealing, package heat sealing, package sealing, plastic sealing technology, PVC welding, and RF bonding. Our RF welding capabilities make our products some of the strongest and lightest in the USA made tactical gear world.

Berry Compliant Sealing, Sewing and Taping

Clothing Manufacturing

Centered in the LA Fashion District and a satellite in San Diego we tap into our history of quality USA made sewn products. From our military clothing to our technical outerwear our products. You wont find a competitor that can compete with our USA made tactical gear manufacturing capabilities. 

Luggage Manufacturing. 

With RF welding capabilities and experienced luggage sewing is bar none. We give fine eye to detail and study new materials many of which we have created our own for the USA made tactical gear industry as well as the dive and maritime environment. 

Medical Manufacturing. 

With Ultrasonic welding  and heat sealing capabilities our experienced team has successfully delivered millions of gowns a month to hospitals and the US National Stockpile. 

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