Legacy Maddox Family Business Mar-vel Underwater Equipment Started as “Americas Oldest Diving Company”

Mar-Vel’s Famous Catalog which featured Drager Rebreathers, the “Rolex Submariner” dive watch issued to UDT Teams and U.S. Navy Seals, Salvage Dive Umbilicals, Diver Hardhats, Underwater Welding, and Hazmat Dive Suits could be found in every military and commercial Dive Locker around the World. Mar-vel was developed after WWII to procure the old military dive brass and salvage after the war.


Mar-vel Underwater Equipment is purchased by Tom Maddox and businessman and diving expert. Jason Maddox, His son, will come on board to help build the company.


Name is officially Changed to Mar-vel International.

Sept 11 attacks on America change the course of the world and the war on terror will consume the next 2 decades.


Mar-vel International is Awarded the first Defense Logistics Agency Special Operations Equipment Prime Vendor Contract to provide COTS Social Operations Equipment to the newly forming Special Operations Command.


Tom and Jason Maddox help run the last Titanic Expedition in conjunction with the DOD, Woodshole Oceanographic Institution and the Explorers Club to explore the shipwreck on the MIR Submersibles, the last trip before they are decommissioned. HD Video was taken on the expedition to film the History Channels Documentary “ Titanic, The Missing Pieces”


After tremendous growth and developing the new industry of U.S. Manufactured Special Operations Equipment Mar-vel International Sells and Merges with its largest competitor ADS, Inc.


After a decade of building industry business in the new Special Operations Equipment Sector, Jason Maddox starts Maddox Defense, inc. Maddox Defense will manufacture in California Specialty equipment for the government to include Combat Medical Equipment, Chem Bio Warfare Protection, Expeditionary Solar and Power systems, Targets, Tactical Sewn Goods, and Underwater equipment.


The World is hit with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and State and Federal Agencies call on Maddox Defense for its US production of Personal Protective Equipment. Maddox Defense answer the call to supply the majority of the State of Arizona PPE Stockpile, California Hospital Systems and ultimately is awarded the Prime Contract to Manufacture hospital Gowns for Health and Human Services, the ASPR, DLA for the Strategic National Stockpile.

Fall 2020 – With massive expansion efforts Maddox Defense moves its footprint to Houston Texas to meet the U.S. industrial manufacturing requirements for PPE and expands into over 400,000 SQFT of Isolation and Surgical Gown manufacturing space with over 3,000 labor force that was currently out of work. Maddox Defense becomes one of the largest employers in the Houston Texas Area.


Maddox Defense successfully fills all contract obligations on time and target and continues to expand capabilities in TEXAS to include Surgical mask production, Medical Disposables, Medical Gloves, Rapid Test kits, and more. Hospitals from all over the country demand Maddox Defense USA made products and Maddox Defense becomes a large player in the US Healthcare space.


Maddox Defense positioned its trucking and logistics services division to spearhead US-based long distance and last mile deliveries for the Strategic National Stockpile Contracts, Health and Human Services Warehouses, and other commercial and government trucking services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality logistics solutions to our clients while also prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. To this end, we have set a goal to achieve zero emissions by 2025 and are actively working to build relationships with manufacturers to provide zero emissions vehicles and infrastructure to the regions we serve. We are committed to using our resources and expertise to make a positive impact on the environment while continuing to provide reliable and secure logistics services to our clients.

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