Fuel Services

Fuel Services

Maddox Defense is a leading provider of a large range of fuel products and fuel transportation services, delivering oil and petroleum products across the United Statesin order to meet the diverse needs of our clients.. With a comprehensive network that includes refineries, pipelines, trucks, rail, and barges, we ensure efficient, reliable, and secure transport of fuel to meet the energy needs of industries, businesses, and consumers.



   – Maddox Defense offers a variety of gasoline grades, suitable for various applications, ensuring optimal engine performance for vehicles and machinery.



   – We supply high-quality diesel fuel for both on-road and off-road vehicles, ensuring efficient performance and reliability across a range of applications, such as transportation, construction, and agriculture.


Marine Fuel:

   – Our marine fuel solutions cater to the maritime industry’s requirements, providing clean-burning fuels for vessels of all sizes. We offer cost-effective solutions that comply with international marine fuel standards.


Jet Fuel:

   – Maddox Defense supplies jet fuel to airports and airlines, ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance for commercial and military aviation. Our products meet rigorous specifications and industry standards.





  1. Pipeline Transport:

– Maddox Defense operates an extensive pipeline network that spans thousands of miles, enabling the efficient transportation of fuel products. Pipelines offer several advantages, including high capacity, continuous flow, and minimal environmental impact. Our pipelines are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems to ensure safe and efficient delivery.


  1. Truck Transport:

– Our fleet of modern, well-maintained tanker trucks offers flexible and responsive fuel delivery services. Trucks are particularly suited for delivering fuel to remote locations, construction sites, and areas with limited pipeline access. Our drivers are trained professionals who prioritize safety, reliability, and timely delivery.


  1. Rail Transport:

– Maddox Defense partners with major rail carriers to transport fuel efficiently on a large scale. Rail transportation offers significant capacity and flexibility, allowing us to serve diverse markets across the country. We ensure that railcars meet industry safety standards and are properly maintained to guarantee the integrity and quality of the fuel during transit.


  1. Barge Transport:

– To reach coastal areas and inland waterways, Maddox Defense utilizes barges for fuel transportation. This mode of transport offers a cost-effective solution for delivering large fuel quantities to ports, terminals, and other destinations along river systems and coastlines. Our experienced marine team ensures the safe loading, transportation, and unloading of fuel on barges.

Benefits of Maddox Defense’s Integrated Fuel Transportation Network:

– Dependable Supply: Our diverse transportation modes ensure a continuous, reliable supply of fuel products, even in challenging market conditions or disruptions.

– Efficient Distribution: By utilizing pipelines, trucks, rail, and barges strategically, we optimize fuel distribution to meet the demand of various regions, industries, and customers.

– Timely Deliveries: With our logistics expertise and dedicated workforce, we prioritize on-time deliveries, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted fuel supply.

– Environmental Responsibility: Maddox Defense employs the latest technologies and best practices to mitigate environmental impacts, following strict safety and sustainability standards in all fuel transportation operations.



Maddox Defense’s integrated fuel transportation network is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients and ensure efficient delivery of fuel products across the United States. Whether it’s via pipelines, trucks, rail, or barges, we strive to provide secure and reliable fuel transportation services while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Contact Maddox Defense today to explore how we can support your fuel transportation requirements effectively.

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