Electric Vehicles

Maddox Defense is dedicated to transitioning federal, state, municipal, and city fleets, including delivery, transportation, and emergency response vehicles to 100% electric. In addition to the  electrification of the vehicles, Maddox Defense provides turn key, micro-grid electrical generation systems utilizing the fleet storage rooftops

Cutaway Van

Logistics Van

Right-Hand Drive Van

Urban Truck

  • Maddox Defense Turn Key Solution
    •  Sales of EnviroTech Fleet Vehicles (School Bus, Public Transportation, Delivery Van, Ambulance, Police Cruiser, etc.)
    •  Construction of fleet storage facilities and rooftop micro-grid with back up
      fossil fuel generators.)

      •  Financing of Microgrid on “Energy as a Service” model
      •  Allows for excess power generation to be sold back to the grid in order to further offset energy cost.
    • Sales and Installation of fleet electrical charging stations

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