Isolation Gown  - Level 3  PE (Berry Compliant)

Isolation Gown - Level 3 PE (Berry Compliant)


Disposable Full-Back PE Gown


Our polyethelene disposable Isolation gowns provide ASTM PB70 Level 3 barrier protection and help reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of infectious organisms.


Product:    Disposable Full Back PE Gown
Material:    Polyethylene
Color:         Hospital Blue
Size:            L & XL
Style:          Straight Thumb Lock, Neck & Waist closure, Heat Sealed, Stamped Waist-line
                      Features: Waterproof, Anti-fouling, Anti-Static, Sanitary, Soft and Comfortable
Store:          Dry area, Humidity less than 80%, Ventilated area
Product Number:           MDX-F-L2

FDA Registration Number – 10078070

FDA Guidance During COVID-19

Call To Order: 855-462-3369


Our Gowns packed individually bagged in sealed bag and then in boxes of 100 and are are only shipped on pallets not individual boxes. Maximum 30 boxes per pallet.