ASSAULT BREACHERS KIT - NSN 9999-01-357-0748

ASSAULT BREACHERS KIT - NSN 9999-01-357-0748

NSN: 9999-01-357-0748

The Maddox Defense ABK is used for forcible entry into structures during raid operations. The ABK consists of personal protection items, firing devices, tools, and adhesives. No munitions or explosives are included in this kit.

The ABK contains items for several methods of breaching used by USMC Reconnaissance assault elements and instructional cadres. The kit contains small tools and knives which are tagged separately and organized into tool bags. Each kit packs into six Pelican cases plus an additional case that holds the breaching/cutting torch kit. The total kit is palletized and packed out into seven Pelican cases along with a ladder and breaching paste. All Pelican cases are inspected and locked by the end user who takes the keys with them. Kit shipments are made via ground transportation, the shipping container doors are locked and keys discarded. The locks are then cut once the shipment arrives at the site.

  • Details

    Dim: 65In (L), 17In (W), 16.5 In (H)
    Square: 7.7 soft
    Cube: 10.6 cut