Opti-Clean Cube 

Maddox Defense, in partnership with Xtreme Cubes Corp.

& Proguardeum Inc., has developed a relocatable (or permanent),

modular walk-thru building designed to combat the spread of

COVID-19 and other viruses and bacterias.

The Opti-Clean Cube (XOCC) utilizes proprietary and patented

technologies to safely deliver an EPA-FDA approved

Proguardeum Optimum™ hypochlorous solution (HOCL) through

our “dry mist” system.

Hypochlorous has been safely used for decades to sanitize

hospitals and as a therapeutic wound care agent. It is naturally

produced in the human body and an effective antimicrobial

ingredient in many eye drops.

• Safe for use on skin, clothing, and glasses. No protective

equipment required. Just walk through.

• Optimum™ is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, pH neutral and safe

pure disinfectant

• Customers and employees simply walk through the modular XOCC, no stopping necessary

• Proguardeum helps mitigate the spread of infectious surface and airborne pathogens

• XOCC’s can be equipped with motion sensors that provide for intermittent traffic

• Customizable with multiple options including Thermal Camera – Temperature systems

• Weatherproof steel modular relocatable or permanent structure

• 1 Year Limited Warranty

• Delivery available nationwide

• Proudly made in America


• 12’l x 8’w x 8’h space frame withbuilt-in fork pockets and raised spill containment floor
• Imron plyurethane paint – Xtreme white
• Steel floor grating walkway
• Insulation compliant with jurisdiction
• Rated electrical available
• 80 gal tank
• 8 hours continuous use, solution will last for 10 days
• 24 stainless steel nozzles