Covid 19 Solutions


Maddox Defense is mission focused on fighting the spread of Covid 19 and has been working around the clock with the U.S. and foreign allies to help protect citizens. Situations are changing daily and we have build a growing team to execute where we are needed most. 

Our most recent accomplishments during this fight on the Corona Virus include: 

- Shipping of FDA Approved Covid 19 15-Min test kit manufacturing, FDA license, and shipment of 250-500K kits per week. 

- Production of disinfecting system creating Hypochlorus Acid Disinfection at any source anywhere in the world. 

- Sourcing of PPE Gear to include N95 Masks, Medical Garmets, Infrared Thermal Thermometers, Sanitizers, 

Cvoid 19 Test.png
PPE Gear Icon N95 mask.png