Maddox Defense, Inc began with its roots in the Special Operations community and with the simple idea of providing a better equipment for deployed warfighters. Since then, we have grown to become the parent company of some of the most respected USA made tactical gear brands in the industry. Though much has changed with this success, our recipe for achieving it has not. We believe that manufacturing tactical gear and equipment in our U.S. facilities is an essential element in maintaining quality, and that by striving to exceed our customers' expectations of service, we will be successful for many years to come.

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Neptune Tactical is a veteran owned company that creates superior USA made tactical products that enhance the safety, operational readiness, and performance of military and working professionals in the maritime environment. Our team consists of retired military professionals that served specifically in the special warfare maritime environment. Our goal is to create innovative maritime purpose equipment and gear that will directly support maritime operations.


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MD Medical has bridged the gap in combat medicine in the field. Our vertically integrated product line covers the Individual soldier to Batallion Aide Station and mobile hospital size load outs. With game changing USA made tactical gear, combat medical technologies along with custom kitting solutions MD medical provides easy logistics and all inclusive combat medical solutions. 

Stinger Solar Kits provide USA made on the go off-grid power for small to medium military and commercial electronics. The base model features everything you need to harness the suns energy and turn it into power to store energy in 390, 590, and 2590 style military batteries. Stinger Solar kit optional adapters allow you to scavenge power from other XX90 style batteries, NATO Slaves, AC Wall Power, 24VDC, and 12VDC sources such as motorcylce or car batteries.

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Realistic combat preparedness is a necessity for mission success; the mantra to ‘train as you fight’ is the basis for most training initiatives in today’s Military units. ZMB industries offers the USA made tactical gear industry with new 3D tactical target technology including patented visual response target features. Our 3D tactical targets are leading the way in how we think about tactical and US military targets. 

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Industry Armament™ is proud to usher in a brand new era of vision and innovation in the art and science of weapon systems, driven by our passion to protect our nation and the global community. Led by defense industry veterans, Industry Armament develops fully built, technologically advanced weapon systems and tactical gear for the military and law enforcement markets.



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Faster. Lighter. Tougher. These concepts are the primary drivers for our designs. Whether we're shaving ounces off of a ruck, finding unique applications for cutting edge fabrics and hardware, or developing our own proprietary technology in materials or engineering, our goal remains constant: to help our customers find a way to conquer whatever challenge they face. Malterra is revolutionizing the USA made tactical gear world!